Health Education England (Wessex) is working to promote sharing of quality improvement projects across the Wessex region.

About the Project 

The Patient Safety First Programme for CT1 (third year) doctors in Wessex is run annually and, after a morning of patient safety training and teaching on quality improvement methodology, the doctors meet in specialty groups to discuss risks in their area and potential patient safety projects. The projects were initially used to embed the learning of the teaching day but it became obvious that they were raising important patient safety issues and we are now working to ensure that we do everything to maximise not only the educational impact of the programme, but also the clinical impact. This website holds information on all projects since 2009 and offers 'real time' uploading of projects from September 2014. It allows projects to be linked to specialty and workplace mentors who are able to offer advice as they progress.

We are committed to supporting front line staff in identifying and addressing patient safety risks in their work place and hope that this system will contribute to that support.

Project Timeline

As a starting point, this site holds a searchable database of patient safety projects carried out since 2009 by CT1 (3rd year) doctors following the patient safety training days. When logged in you will see further details of those projects.

From September 2014, we hope to be uploading projects in real time so that online exchange of ideas can happen as projects progress.

See how it works

Below is an example of a database entry and how abstracts are presented.

2014-00X Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust School of Anaesthetics Communication

Further Projects

This is just one stream of projects happening in Health Education Wessex – to hear about other ventures please do contact us. We hope that the system will spark imagination in developing projects, contribute to learning from past experience and encourage spread of good practice. This is new so we welcome any feedback!

Contact us if you require further information on a project or it's authors which you can't find on the system or with any other queries.

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