Project Database

This is a database of all projects undertaken as part of the Health Education England (Wessex) Patient Safety First programme since 2009; you can search by specialty, theme or keyword, and by workplace if you are logged in. Use the database to spark your imagination or to see what's been done that you could spread or continue. The projects at the end, marked 'incomplete', are in progress at the moment and will be presented at the next trainee patient safety conference in July. If you're logged in, you can contribute ideas or thoughts, or ask questions by adding a comment. The aim is to share and spread good ideas and to ensure sustainability so that all this work results in maximum impact on improving safety for the patients in our care.

Ref Title Specialty Theme
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Unknown Clinical
CompleteComments:2 AIEOPT
School of Surgery Operational
2010-003 School of Emergency Medicine Clinical
CompleteComments:0 AIEOPT
School of Medicine Prescribing
CompleteComments:0 AIEOPT
School of Anaesthetics Equipment
CompleteComments:0 AIEOPT
School of Psychiatry Communication
CompleteComments:0 AIEOPT
School of Surgery Prescribing
CompleteComments:0 AIEOPT
School of Medicine Handover
2010-009 School of Surgery Clinical
CompleteComments:0 AIEOPT
School of Anaesthetics Clinical
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